5 Key Ingredients To Starting A Successful Blog For Your Business

Having a simple 5-page static website for your business is no longer good enough. Chances are you won’t be reaching people searching for the products and/or services you offer. If you do, it’ll be by sheer luck that a visitor happened to come across your website.

This is a horrible online marketing strategy. You’re leaving a good chunk of your marketing to luck. Why would you gamble with your company’s future like that?

There is a very easy answer that too many businesses simply overlook. Blogging is one of the best ways to increase your website’s search engine visibility, increase visitor engagement and show potential customers you’re an expert in your field.

How To Start An Effective Blog

1. Post to your blog regularly. Posting whenever you feel like it isn’t enough. You need to stick to a regular schedule. At the minimum, you should be posting fresh content once a week. This will show visitors you are active in your respective industry and that you’re dedicated to your business.

2. Write posts with your reader in mind. This means keeping paragraphs short, using headlines, sub-headings and lists. Most visitors only scan web content to find something that interests them. Making finding that interesting piece of information on your blog as easy as possible.

3. Don’t populate your posts with affiliate links, shameless plugs and other marketing gimmicks. People are coming to your site to learn something. Nothing will turn them off faster than if every post is nothing more than a sales pitch.

That said, it’s okay to place a call to action at the end of your posts. There just needs to be substance to what the visitor is reading.

4. Be engaging. Leave your blog posts open to comments. And if someone leaves a comment, by all means, reply (just be careful to avoid flame wars if someone leaves a negative comment). Ask your readers questions. Invite them to share their own wisdom.

5. Don’t get discouraged. It takes time for a blog to really take off and draw in a healthy readership. As long as you’re posting quality content, you’ll see a rise in the number of visitors to your website. The key is consistency.

My Own Blogging Experience

I began blogging in December of 2006, with a little blog called Brad’s Reader. It’s gone through several makeovers, including different subjects to focus on. I started writing about literature and writing, which morphed into ebooks and self-publishing and then it became kind of a catch-all for anything I found interesting.

At its peak, Brad’s Reader was averaging about 10,000 unique visitors per month. Not huge, but still a very respectable readership. My affiliate networks (mainly Google Adsense and Amazon) did very well.

My biggest blogging mistake: I was too broad in my niche. I should’ve kept my focus on a smaller subject, like blogging just about ebooks (for example).

I can’t think of any business that wouldn’t benefit in some way from a blog. You’ll see a rise in visitors to your website, you’ll establish yourself as an authority and you’ll be able to generate buzz on social media networks that will increase your exposure even more.


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