Article vs. Blog Post: What’s The Difference?

Articles and blog posts are often used interchangeably. After all, the goal of both is to inform the reader, bring more visitors to your website and hopefully engage readers to interact with you in some way (i.e. buy your product/service, sign up for your email list, click on your affiliate links, etc.).

The line between article and blog post has become so blurry that I sometimes wonder if it even matters anymore. Back in the day, articles were more authoritative and well-researched. Blog posts, on the other hand, leaned more towards the blogger’s opinion and were almost nothing more than an online personal journal.

So we can say that articles used to be more formal than blog posts.

Today? Not so much. I read a lot of blog posts that are authoritative, well-researched and very well written. Could they also be considered articles? Maybe.

To answer this question I used my superpower Google research skills to search for anything that’d clarify the blog post vs. article difference.

Blog Posts Are More Social Than Articles

Blog posts are meant to be social. A blogger, for the most part, wants readers to comment, share and interact with the blogger and others. Further, the blogger socializes with both readers and the niche community he/she writes in.

Articles, on the other hand, are more static. Yes, people can comment and share, but the main drive behind an article seems to be to spread information, not build a community.

Opinion Matters For Bloggers

As mentioned earlier, I think blog posts lean heavily on the writer’s opinion, whereas articles are more about facts. When I write articles for clients, I don’t inject my opinion into it because the client is not paying for my opinion, they’re paying for my research and writing skills.

What About Length?

I almost didn’t include this, but I think length can help distinguish between the two. Articles tend to be longer because they’re more in-depth. Blog posts are on the shorter side (less than 1,000 words).

However, whenever I read about best blogging practices, the experts always say that longer blog posts are more popular and get shared more often. How long? I’ve read anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 words.

The line between blog post and article really begins to blur again when it comes to length. Maybe instead of talking about word count, we should talk about the depth of the content.

So Brad, What Do You Write?

For purposes of simplicity, I write articles for clients that are informative, well-researched and always 100% original (I love recycling plastics, but never content). On that note, if you do need articles for your website, shoot me a message today. I’ll reply as soon as humanly possible. See my Services page for more details.

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