One Easy Trick Will Help You Improve Your Writing

I’ve written a lot of web content since I started writing professionally back in 2008. When I read some of those first few blog posts I wrote back in my rookie days, I cringe. The writing was all over the place. As a professional, any mistakes are unacceptable. When I write something for a client, I want it to be the best.

Once I started using this easy trick described below, my writing improved and my clients were much, much happier.

Reading Out Loud Highlights Your Writing Mistakes

One way I’ve found to greatly improve my writing is to simply read it out loud. Sometimes I even go one step further and print it out so I can really concentrate on the words. By reading it out loud I become very conscious of how the writing flows. Awkward sentences or phrases stick out with such obviousness that there’s no way to miss them. Sometimes I catch myself using the same word over and over again, which makes it sound like I’m keyword stuffing.

Another benefit of reading out loud is that it forces you to focus on the writing. Your eyes can’t start skimming like they might if you’re just reading quietly to yourself. This intense focus is needed if you want to be able to edit your own writing.

After you read you work once, make the necessary edits then go back and read it out loud again. Keep doing this until you’re happy with the results. If you’re still struggling, then by all means, hire a professional editor.


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