5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Freelance Writer

Why should my company hire a freelance writer when all the writing can be done in-house? I see and hear this question constantly from small and large businesses alike. Many business owners and executives simply don’t see any benefit to bringing in a professional to write their website content, marketing collateral, newsletters or any other written material that can reflect on your brand.

When I first began as a professional writer back in 2008, I often thought the same thing. But over the years I have learned that a good freelance writer can be a company’s secret weapon. Even large Fortune 500 corporations with massive marketing departments can benefit from hiring an outsider – and many of them frequently do.

The list I compiled below are the 5 most common reasons why a company should bring in a freelance writer. These are reasons I’ve heard both from other freelancers and clients.

1. A freelance writer brings a fresh perspective.

Many companies get into a rut when it comes to writing website content and other marketing material. After a while, it begins to sound the same and can become redundant. A freelance writer brings in a fresh perspective and can offer new ideas or insights the company has overlooked. A freelance writer offers an outsider view of your organization, which can give you incredible insight to how the public views your company.

2. Your company will save money by outsourcing the writing projects.

Even if you’re paying several thousand dollars for a professional writer, you’re still saving money. How so? If you hired an in-house writer, you’d be not only paying a salary, but also associated taxes and benefits – all of which can easily had up to six figures or more! A freelance writer, on the other hand, can write for you on a long-term basis or go project-to-project. You have a lot of flexibility.

3. Tasking an employee with writing, who is not a professional writer, will waste time, money and can even tarnish your reputation.

Many businesses will assign writing projects to employees who are not writers. They might work in customer service or accounting. By doing this, you’re not only taking them away from their real job, but you also risk bad writing, which can easily ruin your reputation. Let your employees do the job they were hired for by contracting your writing projects to a freelancer.

4. Paying for a good writer is an investment that will pay off.

When a professional writes a sales letter, website content or advertising copy, they’re putting all of their experience and training to use. They use proven methods to reap the best results. Let’s pretend you pay $1,500 for a sales letter (this is actually pretty inexpensive). That one sales letter can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business. When you think of it that way, $1,500 suddenly doesn’t seem like very much at all, does it?

5. Personalized service and flexibility.

A freelance writer doesn’t belong to a large agency that relies on complex protocols, committee-based decision making or having to get approval for even the smallest changes in your service contract. A freelance writer is the only person you work with. A good writer will be able to tailor their service to fit your needs. If the scope of your writing project changes, a freelance writer can make immediate adjustments to the contract (ie. pricing and deadlines), whereas large agencies can take weeks to make such changes!

What Will A Freelancer Write?

You can hire a writer to write whatever you need. However, keep in mind that some writers specialize in certain areas. This is especially true in technical and scientific fields where specialized knowledge is required. Other specialties include the type of writing they do. Some will only write sales letters. Others might specialize in writing advertising copy. There are even writers who do nothing but write scripts for radio and television commercials.

Discover The Benefits Of A Professional Writer

If your company has never hired a professional writer before, your business might already be suffering because of bad writing.

I’ve been a freelance writer since 2008. Discover how I can help your business by contacting me today!

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