What is your turnaround time?

It depends on the project, length and my current workload. Before the project is finalized, I will give you a specific timeframe based on your needs. For basic articles that less than 1,000 words, you can expect a turnaround time of about 24-hours.

If I’m not happy with your work, can I get a refund?

My goal is to make sure you’re 100% satisfied. If you’re not happy, please let me know so I can make it right. Refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis. Once a refund is given, the copyrights for all writing completed reverts back to me. Attempting to use a article, blog post, website copy, email copy and so forth is a copyright law violation and will be dealt with as such.

Do I have to pay 100% up front?

For articles and blog posts costing less than $100, then payment is due before work will begin. I generally ask for a 50% deposit on projects between $100-$200. Once a deposit is received, I will start work. After the final draft is sent to you, I will send you an invoice for the remaining balance. For projects costing more than $200, a smaller deposit will be required.

How do I know you won’t take my money and never get my content?

To put it simply: my name and reputation is on the line. If I were to scam people like that I’d be shut down pretty fast. Further, if Paypal receives enough complaints about a particular account, they’ll eventually shut that account down. I get a lot of satisfaction from writing and never take for granted that I get paid to do it.

Is your content original?

Yes! All content I write is 100% original and will pass any plagiarism program (ie. Copyscape) you can throw at it. No content will be reused or spun. Further, all content is tailored to your specific needs. I take great pride in writing quality content that will add value to your website.

Is there a discount for bulk article orders?

Yes. Please contact me for more information.

How do I make a payment?

I will send you a Paypal invoice once we agree on your project. If only a deposit is due, then you’ll receive an invoice for the deposit amount. After the project is completed, you’ll receive an invoice for the remaining balance.

Who owns the copyright to the content you write?

Once all payments are made, all copyrights transfer to you. You are then free to use the content however you please. However, if you receive a refund, do a chargeback, or don’t pay an outstanding invoice, I retain all copyrights and will take legal action against those who use the content with paying.

Will you do revisions?

Yes. All content I write can be revised up to 3 times at no extra charge. I place a limit on revisions to avoid an “endless revision” scenario where the project never seems to finish. If more than 3 revisions are needed, then we’ll talk about changing the scope of the project or other options.

Do you write guest blog post?

Yes! Please contact me for details.

What topics do you blog about?

I’ve written blog posts about diverse topics, such as: current technology (shiny gadgets!), literature, writing, ebooks, plumbing, cosmetic surgery and some obscure topics. I love researching new things.

What else do you write?

I write a lot of fiction. I’m working to get some of it published. Stay tuned…