Privacy Policy

I take your privacy very seriously. I will never sell, give away or rent out your information (ie. email address, name, etc).


This website makes the use of cookies in a number of ways to provide a better user experience. Cookies are very small (harmless) files placed on your computer that track your movements on a website. I use cookies in the following ways:

1. Google Analytics: This helps me keep track of website statistics. Google collects information such as your geographic location, browser being used, pages visited, length of time on visited pages, your path through my website, etc. I have no access to any personally identifying information. I use the stats Google Analytics gives me to constantly improve this website and give you a better user experience. Please see Google’s privacy policy page for more information.

2. Statcounter: This is a much more basic analytics tracking program that gives me more a broad overview of my website statistics. Statcounter does collect information such as your IP address, pages visited, etc. They also use tracking cookies. Please see Statcounter’s privacy policy for more information.

3. Amazon: When you click through an Amazon Affiliate link, Amazon places a cookie on your computer that is valid for 24-hours. This means if you don’t click on any other affiliate links, I’ll earn a small commission on whatever you buy in that 24-hour period. You can read Amazon’s privacy policy here. (Note: I’m currently not involved in the Amazon Associates program. When I start using Amazon affiliate links, a disclaimer will appear on the home page.)

4. Payhip and Paypal: These are used when you buy digital products directly off my site. Payhips privacy policy. Paypal’s priacy policy.

Mailing List Privacy

When you subscribe to my mailing list, I have access to your email address (obviously), location, whether or not you open emails sent to you and other information to help me better provide you with awesome emails.

This information remains strictly confidential. Only my mailing service (currently Mailchimp) and I have access to this information and it will never be given, sold or rented to anyone else. Please read Mailchimp’s own privacy policy here.

How Will I Use Your Email Address?

Because I respect your time, I have no intention of emailing you with every good idea I have, or even on a whim. The emails you receive will contain original, valuable and awesome content – much like what you read on my blog.

I’ll occasionally send out product announcements when I publish a new ebook. Or I’ll let you know if one of my existing ebooks goes on sale.

What you will never receive:

  • Offers for viagra or related products
  • Promotions to adult-related websites
  • Work at home scams
  • MLM “opportunities”
  • Investment deals/scams/schemes
  • Anything else you commonly find in your spam folder

If you do receive an email promoting something from above, please contact me immediately.

Thanks for reading this privacy policy! If you’ve made it this far, then congrats, you’re one of the few who do.