Why do you need a professional writer?

Content is still king of the internet. Just about every website you visit requires some sort of written content to keep you engaged. If the writing is poor, sloppy, boring, filled with mistakes or doesn’t make sense, you’ll simply move on to a different website. Right?

Don’t let your website be the one people leave because of bad content. 

Even if your visitors stay for more than a few seconds, you need to keep them hooked. Chances are, they came to your website via a Google search. This means they’re looking for content that answers a question or fills a need. You must be ready to give visitors what they want.

Good writing can mean the difference between a visitor leaving your site after a few seconds, or staying on your site and exploring what you have to offer. 

I take pride in writing 100% original, engaging content that will increase your website’s visibility, build and grow a loyal readership. Hire me to write:

  • Articles
  • Static Web Copy (Home Page, About Page, Product/Services Page)
  • Email Marketing Copy

How Do You Charge?

Unlike other writers who charge by the word or by the hour, I take a pay-per-article/project approach. This way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

What Are Your Basic Rates:


All my rates are on a per-project basis. This is because every blog post/article is different. For example, some require much more research and prep-work than others. This is why I give customized quotes to every client.

Save Money With An Article Pack!

If you pre-order 3 or more blog posts/articles, you’ll save more money per article! Contact me below to learn more.


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